Perfect Smile Dental Tijuana
Advanced Implant Center
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Price List

 Dental Procedure Price 
 Basic Exam and Treatment Planning $0 
 Digital Bitewing X-Rays $40 
 Panoramic X-Ray (free with implant treatment) $75 
 Cone Beam CT Scan  $299 
 Oral Cancer Digital Screening (free with implant treatment) $75 
 White Composite Fillings - starting @ $50 
 Root Canal - starting @ $250 
 Root Canal Retreatment - starting @ $300 
 Pre-fabricated Post $100 
 Core Build-Up $60 
 TOOTH EXTRACTIONS (per tooth)  
 Regular Tooth Extraction $65 
 Surgical Tooth Extraction $120 
 Wisdom Tooth Extraction - starting @ $120 
 CROWNS & Veneers (per tooth)  
 Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown  
 Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown Over Implant  
 Zirconium Ceramic Bruxir Full Contour Crowns $750  
 Zirconium Ceramic Bruxir Full Contour Crowns Over Implant $750 
 CEREC® Ceramic Crown   
 CEREC® Ceramic Veneer 
 Periodontal Maintenance (full mouth) $125  
 Periodontal Scaling & Root Planing (per quadrant) $110  
 Acrylic Full Denture (per arch) $425 
 Highest Quality High Impact Full Denture (per arch) $590 
 Individual Bone Graft (socket preservation only) $375 
 Sinus Graft/Augmentation starting @ $1000 
 Premium Titanium Dental Implant (Lifetime Warranty) $1200 
 Standard Titanium Dental Implant (1-year Warranty) $850 
 Titanium Implant Abutment (prefabricated abutment) $350 
 Connectors/Locators (for dentures over implants)  $350 
 Multiunit Abutment (for screwed retained prosthesis)$350  
 Two Implant Locator Snap-On-Dentures$2825  LIMITED TIME OFFER
 Three Implant Locator Snap-On-Dentures$4000 LIMITED TIME OFFER 
 Four Implant Locator Snap-On-Dentures$5225 LIMITED TIME OFFER 
 All-On-Four with Screwed Retained Prosthesis$8725 LIMITED TIME OFFER 
 All-On-Five with Screwed Retained Prosthesis $9500LIMITED TIME OFFER 
 All-On-Six with Screwed Retained Prosthesis $11,125LIMITED TIME OFFER