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All on 6 Procedure

The All on 6 dental implants system consists in the placement of 6 dental implants per each dental arch, working as “anchors” for a fix and non removable dental bridge. This system is recommended in cases where the patient has lost more than 80% of their natural teeth. These dental implants will be supporting a fix dental bridge (permanently cemented over the implants) of between 12 to 14 units (teeth).

The aim of dental implants is to act as tooth roots, dispersing similar force around the mouth to secure teeth structure and facilitate oral activity, such as swallowing, speaking and eating. Your teeth play a pivotal role in forming your facial structure, so restoring a damaged smile can enhance and improve your entire appearance.

If you have lost any of your teeth then, you will undoubtedly want  healthy and natural-looking teeth replacements, which can give you a beautiful face shape and smile. Treatment with the new All on 6 dental implants system is able to provide you with the strong, beautiful and stable smile you have been searching for, since your teeth become lost.

All on 6 vs All on 4

As known, only 4 dental implants are unable to disperse as much force as 6 dental implants to support teeth and facial structure, which is why the All on 6 dental implants system has become such a hit with patients looking for missing teeth options. The closest thing you can get to a return your natural smile is through All on 6 dental implants treatment.