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Vertical Sinus Augmentation

The Crestal Core or Crestal Window Elevation technique

Also known as Vertical Sinus Augmentation technique, is an alternative to the traditional Lateral Window technique typically used in Sinus Elevation surgeries. While usually successful, the Lateral Window technique may cause more post operative discomfort, bruising and swelling. This limitation of the Lateral Window technique may be due to the “blind” nature of the procedure and the lack of visibility when the clinician is manipulating the Sinus Membrane and opening the sinus floor. To combat the associated post operative complications, the Crestal Core technique was developed.

The Crestal Core technique for sinus augmentation is reportedly less invasive than the lateral window technique. In an August 2010 study posted in the Journal of American Periodontology, 45 patients who had undergone the CCT were retrospectively evaluated over a 1-11 year period of time. The Crestal Core technique was successful in 31 of 45 sites (68.9%) and partially successful in 6 sites (13.3%). Surgical failures were reportedly due to core detachment which resulted in large tears of the sinus membrane. Implants placed in successful sites presented 100% survival rate during the duration of the study.

The conclusion was made that the Crestal Core Technique, when implemented simultaneously with molar extraction provided therapeutic benefits to the patient post-operatively. The subsequent dental implant placements using this technique showed a fantastic survival rate as well in the evaluated population.
The Crestal Window approach to sinus augmentation is simple, predictable technique which results in very low patient morbidity. It is, therefore, a suitable alternative to traditional sinus augmentation, giving clinicians a choice of techniques when approaching cases of varying degrees of difficulty and complication. The Crestal Core Technique may be the best option for elevating the sinus for many patients.