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Ridge Preservation

When a tooth is extracted, a socket is left behind which the body, throughout time, starts to fill by bone formation and gum thickening.  During this process, the existing bone structure tends to collapse, minimizing the dimensions of the bone structure in the area.  This happens because the bone surrounding your teeth only exists only to support your teeth.  And when a tooth is lost, the body begins to reabsorb the bone in the area because it is no longer fulfilling its sole purpose, giving as a result a narrow and short alveolar ridge.

This collapse becomes an issue to neighbor teeth, opposite teeth and, most important, prosthetic procedures when trying to replace that missing tooth/teeth.  That is why Ridge Preservation is one of the most important treatments in dentistry after having one or more teeth extracted.  By placing bone replacement material in the created socket, this collapse can be minimized or even prevented for a period of time.  

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