3D Gudied Implant Planning Software

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Precise planning and implant placement enables minimal invasive treatment, as well as reduced chair time. Moreover, it gives confidence to both clinician and patient and it brings surgery and restoration to a new level: The patient can be treated in one single treatment session and leave with an expertly planned temporary restoration.

 For this matter, 3D Guided Implant Planning is so important nowadays.  Taking advantage of the huge technological advances in medicine, a 3D Guided Implant Planning Software allows us to ensure the dimensions, as well as shape and density of your maxilla and jaw bones, providing us all the measures needed to know if we are able to place a dental implant in adecuate bone structure without the invasive traditional techniques.  On the other end, this software also allows us to digitaly plan your implant placing by creating a digital representation of different sized dental implants in your CBCT and being able to position it in the best possible way and with the most minimum risk of failure and invasion. 

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