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Blood Centrifuge System



When performing oral surgery or implant placement, the damage of the jaw bone, tissues and tooth loss are constantly a challenge for dentists.  If there is not enough support obtained by the jaw bone, dental implants cannot be stabilized, placing them in jeopardy and resulting in a long tissue healing process.

Can there be something done about this?  Yes, there is!  At Perfect Smile Dental, we use Platelet Therapy based on your own blood.  With this therapy we are able to change the rules towards the patient's advantage as it promotes healing and bone growth from within your body.  By withdrawing a simple blood sample (just as it would be for a blood test) and using advanced technology protocols, we are able to provide a unique and individual Platelet Therapy for you and coming from you.

By centrifuging your blood with specific parameters, we are able to obtain Plasma and Fibrin Membrane made from your own blood.  Both are rich in Growth-Factors and their main functionality is to promote healing in the surgical area, increase the immune system's strength in the area and have better biocompatibility with bone grafting or dental implants.  If you will, imagine it as a bioactive "band-aid" that was created from your own blood and placed in the surgical sites to promote healing and decrease healing times.