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Electronic Dental Records "EDR"

Electronic Dental Records (also called EDRs) are one of the benefits that we offer our patients without them noticing.  There are many benefits obtained from using EDRs, here are two of the most important ones:

  1. ​Time Saving: By having offering integrated web-based registration​ and ​Digital X-Rays, we are able to have instant access to our patient's complete information in any operatory inside our dental clinic and, if there is a need, from anywhere in the world with a secure Internet connection.  This allows us to provide faster services by decreasing the time taken to perform a full evaluation and treatment planning.  In result, less time you will be at the dentist.
  2. Better understanding of your actual oral status and treatment plan: By using Digital X-Rays and Digital Intraoral Pictures, we are able to present your actual oral status and treatment plan On-Screen to provide you a better explanation of your dental needs.  With this, we take the expression "Trust me, I'm a Dentist" out of the equation and educating our patients on how oral affections look like intraorally as well as radiographically, this way you may take an informed and educated decision towards your dental treatments.


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