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Nitrous Oxide System

Some of the most frequent circumstances, or problems, that dentist confront in the dental field is patients with high levels of anxiety or pain.  In the case of pain, it can be due to physiological, pharmaceutical and psychological reasons, by example: Fibromyalgia, current/previous drug abuse, fear of needles/dentist/treatment.  In the case of anxiety, most of the times it comes from psychological matters but, in very odd cases, comes from physiological reasons as well, by example: Fear to dentists/needles due to ideas seeded since childhood or previous traumatizing experiences, Hyperactive disorders.

Here at Perfect Smile Dental we understand this matters and look toward providing you the best, most relaxing, personalized and affordable dental experience you will ever have, that is why we offer our patients Nitrous Oxide Sedation (also called "Laughing Gas").

Nitrous Oxide is a very safe and effective form of sedation that, mixed with Oxygen, is inhaled by the patient through a small mask that is placed over your nose creating a euphoric effect,  helping you to relax throughout your dental procedures and eliminating it from the body almost immediately after removing the gas.  The best part of all is that patients can resume normal activities and drive themselves home after following dental treatments.

Our staff is perfectly trained to manage Nitrous Oxide Systems in order to provide you the most indicated relaxation stage possible while you are fully conscious and aware throughout the process.