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VITA Easyshade® Digital Tooth Shade Detector

VITA Easyshade® is an intra-oral dental spectrophotometer that delivers accurate tooth shade measurement under any lighting condition fast and easy. Thanks to the technology in the VITA-Easyshade®, we are able to match, with high precision, the different shades of your teeth in order to produce a highly aesthetic, natural look restoration.

Now a days, the demand of high aesthetics and natural appearance on dental prosthesis push us to evolve with new, more accurate and better resulting materials and equipment, VITA Easyshade® is the perfect example of technology advancement, high precision shade/chroma measuring and time efficiency.

Does this kind of gadgets increase the cost of our dental treatments?   Not at all!   By using this type of equipment, we are able to ensure a better result, which ends up in happy patients and successful procedures by the dentist.