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Why Us?

As you may already know, in Tijuana there are many dental offices to choose from, gathering more than 4,000 dentist in the city (yes, it is a lot of dentists).  But when it comes to knowing which would be the best option for you, that's where many start losing their heads.

Here are some pointers that can make your decision much easier:

1.    The first and foremost important thing to do is to inform yourself about dental procedures.  Now a day, the internet is the main source of information, accessible by almost every person in the world.  Try doing research on what you think or have been told that you may need as a dental treatment, this way you will have a general concept of what involves and your dentist will be able to explain it easier and with less doubts.  But remember, not because you read it on the internet means that is the absolute truth.

2.    Try searching for a Dental Clinic instead of a dental office.  There are different reasons why to do this:

  • Most (if not all) Dental Specialists under one roof.
  • No “Super Dentist” doing all types of procedures that require a specialist to be performed.  Remember the famous quote “to Caesar what Caesar”.  Bringing the word “Specialist” to the table may (in some cases) be equal to a higher cost, but we’re talking about your health and money you are investing with expectancy of a resolution to your dental needs.
  • More volume equals lower prices.  This is a way of perceiving their business, but be aware that their low prices don’t affect their quality of work and materials.  Unfortunately, here in Tijuana (as in any other place in the world) there are dentist who, to save more money, buy low quality materials.
  • Doctors that are aware of the new advancements on technology in the dental field, as well as new and innovative restorative and surgical techniques which are less invasive and tissue traumatizing.  This goes hand in hand with certificates of courses, conferences, congresses, clinical tables, etc.

3.    Clean means Safe.  This is very important to remember if you have already chosen a dental office/clinic.

  • If they have shuttle service, start by look at their driver, make sure he has a proper dressing code for the line of work he’s performing.
  • Look at the shuttle:  Is it clean?  Is it taken care of?   Is there trash inside the vehicle?  Take in notice that the driver and shuttle are the first physical representations of the clinic.
  • Make sure the installations are in a safe area and are not hidden to public.  Unfortunately, there are charlatans that don’t have their certification as dentists because they did not finish the career or, even worse, dental laboratory technicians that play rolls as dentist without having a single clue of what they are doing and why.
  • Look for clean and organized installations.  If they have magazines in their waiting room or front desk, check if it looks clean and neat.
  • Expect for all the staff to have a good presentation: proper dressing code and neat physical appearance.  They are representing health in lifestyle, how could they do so if they have wrinkled/stained clothing or if their not combed and/or shaved.