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At Perfect Smile Dental we believe in the highest quality of dentistry. We understand its meaning and deliver it every day to our patients.

We want to be your lifetime partner for dental health and beauty. We are so confident in the high level of quality we are providing to our patients that we GUARANTEE all of our dental work to our patients. Merely you follow our recommended treatment plans to assure all dental work remains in full effect.

Our GUARANTEE will be reduced or invalidated if:

  • Oral hygiene is neglected.
  • Dentist's instructions are not followed.
  • Removable restorations, such as partial dentures and/or full dentures are not maintain properly.
  • Damage cause by accidents, sports, any third party, smoking or drug abuse.
  • Payment obligations to Perfect Smile Dental are not met.

Our GUARANTEE does not apply for the following:

  • Damage caused by extreme stress (grinding teeth at night, gripping of the teeth).
  • Damaged caused by intervention of 3rd parties (i.e. other dentists, dental technicians, etc).
  • Tooth whitening procedure
  • Inappropriate selection of the color (shade) and shape of the dental work by the patient (i.e. color/shade/shape of crowns, bridges, veneers, etc). We provide the opportunity to the patient to choose the color/shade/shape, however, we cannot assume responsibility for the decision of the patient, after the fact)