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Modern Dentistry VS. Obsolete Dentistry

Modern Digital Dentistry VS. Obsolete Dentistry


This has been a very  trendy subject around the world, but it is important to clear out that this is no trend but an actual evolution of dentistry combined with the technological advancements of the 21st century.  When talking about Modern Dentistry or Digital Dentistry, we must understand that is not a doctor or clinic trying to look impressive, it is actually being concerned about his patients health and understands the importance of having the most accurate diagnosis and treatments performed.  Within the technological advancements of dentistry, many things may be mentioned: digital imaging and x-ray, electrical-based rotatory motors, ultrasonic usage, laser, etc.  All of this brings us to the main benefits:

Sharmp Images

Better understanding of the damage

Less Trauma

Better and faster post-operatory healing

More precise instrumentation

Less margin of error

Faster treatments

Less chair time in the office.

Ultrasonic usage

No heating friction

Modern Sterilizing

Cross-Infection risk free

Here at Perfect Smile Dental, we base our dentistry on the most modern techniques, instruments, equipment and materials to provide our patients with the highest quality and hygiene standards with fast and accurate diagnosis and treatments.

Please visit our Technology page so you can find out more about the equipment and techniques we use to give our patients the best treatments possible.