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Our Free Shuttle VS. Taking a Taxi

One of reasons why patients in the U.S. tend to avoid coming to Tijuana and get dental attention is the fact of having to drive in and be dealing with traffic, directions, extensive lines to cross back into the U.S.; or, in the case of pedestrian crossing, having to deal with directions, taxi who don't know the address/clinic or take you to a different one, as well as also dealing with extensive pedestrian lines to cross back into the U.S.  In case of flying from another State or Country, the issues are the same but adding the fact of having to move from the airport to the border and cross.

 As we always say. here at Perfect Smile Dental we like to pamper our patients in every way possible.  For that matter, we also offer Free Complementary Shuttle Service from the U.S. to our clinic and back into the U.S.  That's right, we pick you up and take you back!    We are so dedicated to make you feel comfortable and avoid daily driving and traffic stress that we offer picking you up in a pre-established meeting point inside the U.S., bring you safely and comfortably into our clinic (without having the need to step one single foot in the street) and, after you are done with your dental visit, take you back into the U.S. to the same meeting point.  And if you are flying into San Diego Airport, we offer the shuttle service all the way to the airport and back, so you don't have to be dealing on how to move from the airport to our clinic.

"But, we are still talking about having to wait long hours to cross back in the shuttle?"  Of course not!  There are different types of lines to cross back into the U.S.: Regular Lane, Ready Lane and SENTRI Lane.  These are "public lanes" based on the type of passport or card you have to cross back into the U.S.  But, there is another lane that is called "Medical Lane" and can only be used by those who have the proper passes provided by Tijuana's Goberment.  With this, you are able to cross faster since only very limited people can use it (this in comparison with the "public lanes").  Here at Perfect Smile Dental we have those passes, this way we can offer you a safe, faster and more comfortable crossing back into the U.S. without any hassle.

Please click in the following link to view pictures of our shuttles and drivers:  Complementary Transportation