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Prices may vary depending on multiple factors such as how much bone you have present in your jaw, the amount of required extractions, the number and types of implants needed, etc.

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Get Your Dream Smile Today!

Perfect Smile Dental has specialized their practice

to only dental implant related procedures.

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1. In-House State-of-The-Art Digital Work-flow Laboratory

For an up-close smile customization and a faster turnaround time.

2. State of the Art Technology

Better equipment enables patients to heal faster with less pain.

3. Placed Thousands of Implants 
You can rest assured knowing you've chosen the most experienced option.

4. Sterilized Environment
Strict quality control, instrument cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilizing.

5. Digital Virtual Implant Planning
Computer assisted planning enables a minimally invasive surgery.

6. Fully Guided Implant Surgery
Our failure-proof implant protocol increases time efficiency.

7. In-House 3D CT Scan
The most accurate and complete analysis of your dental health.

8. Free Video Consultation
Multi-channel communication to answer all your questions.

9. Premium Customer Service
We assist you with transportation and scheduling your stay.

10. Unbeatable Prices
Up to three times lower than your local Dentist.

Meet Our Dream Team!

Perfect Smile Dental has specialized their practice

to only dental implant related procedures.

Dr. Espinosa DDS

Advanced Implant Surgeon

& Digital Oral Rehabilitation

Dr. Vidal DDS

Advanced Digital Oral Rehabilitation

Dr. Corral DDS

Advanced Digital Oral Rehabilitation

Dr.  Lindo DDS

Advanced Digital Oral Rehabilitator


Surgical Nurse


Surgical Assistant


Why Travel to Tijuana, Mexico?

We're located at just five minutes across the San Ysidro Port of Entry,

right at the heart of Tijuana's medical and gastronomical tourism.

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