Meet Dr. Citlalli Carreño D.D.S. Advanced Oral Rehabilitator


I enjoy making friends and apply creative solutions to complicated problems in my practice, always with a proactive approach to all things.


  • Faculty of Dentistry, University of Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico. 2009 - 2013.

Continuing Education

  • Diploma in Dental Prosthesis. 2014

  • Intensive Course of Rehabilitation Over Dental Implant. 2018

  • Advanced Course of Periodontal Muco-Gingival Surgery. 2018

  • Theoretical-Practical and Demonstrative Course in Orofacial Aesthetics. 2019


  • General Dentistry

  • Smile design with veneers, crowns, and resins.

  • Elongation of the osco and gingival crown.

  • Rehabilitation of dental implants.

  • Extractions of multiple teeth.


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