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ALL-ON-4 Procedure

What happens on your 1st Visit?

Almost everything gets done in your first visit! Let's organize it in 4 stages.

Stage 1: Your Arrival.

If you arrived to San Ysidro driving, we recommend you leave your car parked in the US and just cross the border by foot, it's that easy. Our driver will be receiving you right in front of the main exit. Our International Patient Coordinators will be in touch with you via text, providing you important information along the way.

For more detailed information on transportation click here.

Stage 2: Before Your Procedure.

Our Advanced Dental Implant Surgeon will evaluate your dental health, examining your mouth structure and bone density before starting the procedure. You will receive a full comprehensive diagnosis of the current state of your smile and how we'll improved it.

In this stage our Advanced Dental Assistants will do the following for you:

Stage 3: During Your Procedure.

Our Advanced Dental Implant Surgeon will start by applying local anesthetic, and if you requested Intravenous Sedation, by this point, you'll be fully asleep. Once ready, our Advanced Dental Implant Surgeon will do the following:

  • Extract all remaining teeth [if applicable].

  • Deep gingival tissue cleaning.

  • Jawbone preparation and leveling.

  • Premium Titanium Dental Implants placement.

  • Bone grafting.

  • PRF [Platelet Rich Fibrin] therapy.

  • Surgical suturing get's everything neatly sealed.

Stage 4: After the Procedure.

A custom temporary over-denture is made for you and securely placed in the same visit. Our Advanced Dental Implant Surgeon will prescribe you the corresponding medication and our International Patient Coordinators will assist you scheduling your next appointment.

What happens on your 2nd visit?

After three to six months your mouth will be completely healed and the Premium Titanium Implants will be fused with your jawbone. Once you return to our clinic, our Advanced Dental Implant Surgeon will do the following for you:

  • Apply local anesthetic.

  • Remove the surgical sutures.

  • Expose the Premium Titanium Dental Implants.

  • Place the Multi-unit abutments.

  • Install a temporary screw-retained prosthesis.

What happens on your 3rd visit?

After deciding on the final design of your dental prosthesis, you return to our clinic and our Advanced Dental Implant Surgeon will do the following:

  • The final screw-retained dental prosthesis gets built.

What happens on your 4th visit?

This is your final visit, your final screw-retained prosthesis gets placed.

IMPORTANT: Every case has it's unique challenges and requires specific planning, the amount of visits may vary per patient.



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