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What's an ALL-ON-5?

The ALL-ON-5 is a dental implant configuration made of different components, such as:


  • 5 Premium Titanium Implants: These are 5 high quality screws that are strategically placed in your jawbone.

  • 5 Multi-Unit Abutments: These are responsible of securely connecting the screws with the dental prosthesis.

  • Dental Prosthesis: This prosthesis replaces an entire arch of teeth, providing high functionality with high aesthetics.

What's the benefit of using an ALL-ON-5?

The ALL-ON-5 dental implant configuration feels the most natural compared to every other option out there, because it feels like you're chewing with your own teeth!


Another benefit of this configuration is that it reshapes your face, making it look youthful. That's because the prosthesis has the height of your original teeth without the years bone loss.

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