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What Is a Single Dental Implant?

Single dental implants are a popular treatment option for patients who have lost one tooth due to injury or decay. This technique involves placing a single dental implant in the jawbone to support a replacement tooth.


The single implant procedure is a dental implant configuration made of different components, such as:

  • One Premium Titanium Implant: This is a high-quality screw strategically placed in your jawbone.

  • One Healing Abutment: This abutment securely connects the premium titanium implant with the zirconia crown.

  • One Zirconia Crown: This prosthesis replaces a damaged tooth, providing high functionality with high aesthetics.


The Benefits of
A Single Implant

Single implants are a more natural feeling solution when compared to traditional tooth replacement methods. The Implant keeps your tooth from deviating and allows you to clean it like a normal tooth. Single implants also help to maintain the health and integrity of the surrounding teeth and jawbone, preventing further tooth loss and bone deterioration.


Single implants from our Tijuana implant center, Perfect Smile Dental, are more cost-effective and of higher quality than your local dentist because we specialize in these types of procedures. Our experienced team of dentists will work with you to create a customized treatment plan that meets your specific needs while keeping you comfortable and at ease with the entire process.

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Why Travel To Tijuana For Dental Implants

Are you looking for an affordable and reliable way to get high-quality dental implants? Look no further than Perfect Smile Dental in Tijuana. Our experienced team will provide you with personalized care and use the latest techniques and state-of-the-art technology to ensure that your dental implant procedure is successful. Not only will you receive excellent dental care at a fraction of the cost of US dentists, but you will also get to experience the vibrant culture and exciting attractions of Tijuana. Our team speaks fluent English and is committed to making sure you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout your entire procedure. 

Qu'est-ce qu'un Implant unique?

La configuration de l'implant dentaire unique est composée de différents composants, tels que :


  • 1 implant en titane de qualité supérieure : Il s'agit d'une vis de haute qualité qui se place stratégiquement dans votre mâchoire.

  • 1 vis de cicatrisation :Ce pilier relie solidement l'implant en titane premium à la couronne en zircone.

  • 1 Couronne Zircone :Cette prothèse remplace une dent endommagée, offrant une fonctionnalité élevée avec une esthétique élevée.

Quel est l'avantage d'utiliserun IMPLANT UNIQUE ?

  • Se sent le plus naturel par rapport aux autres options.

  • Il empêche vos dents de dévier.

  • Vous pouvez le nettoyer comme une dent ordinaire.

  • Élimine la perte osseuse dans votre mâchoire.

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